Fish Finder Unit: Raymarine Dragonfly 7

Craft: 2014 Hobie Pro Angler 14

Difficulty: Easy (basic wiring, sanding)

I recently had to opportunity to install the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fish Finder/Chart Plotter on my 2014 Hobie Pro Angler 14. The install was relatively simple and only required a few modifications to use the existing Lowrance Transducer ready mounting. It’s easiest to show the install by video, so I’ve trimmed down the install into a 6:30 video that covers each step from start to finish, including a fuse block install to run multiple electronic items on the Hobie.

I’ll have a review video posted shortly, this video is strictly installation of the unit.

Capt. Ross

Owner of The Intrepid Angler, Captain Ross hails from the historic waters along the Caloosahatchee River. He has a been a fishing guide and outdoor professional working the waters of Florida and Alaska over his career. He now permanently resides in Cape Coral offering anglers exciting opportunities to target trophy gamefish around Southwest Florida on a custom Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Bay Boat.

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  • Nice install work. Looks clean and I’m thinking of going that route. How was the performance? I’ve been using my dragonfly with a transducer arm. Any trouble going through the plastic cover?

  • So far, performance seems perfect. I get zero noise issues on the unit. Great imaging qualities and super easy to use. I’d recommend the install for others.

    • Would a sealant have helped secure transducer at all? Does the cover hold it center and secure?

      • I did not use any sealant or adhesive in the installation. The cover appears to hold it in proper position and the performance has been great.

  • Nice setup! I recently picked up a lowrance elite 7 hdi fish finder and chart plotter. Any thoughts on how I should mount the hdi transducer? I don’t think the lowrance ones would fit snug like your dragonfly one did if I dremmeled down the holders.

    • Vu,

      Not sure what kayak your trying to mount the Lowrance to. The Raymarine was my first install on a Hobie Pro Angler, which I did have to make some small adjustments for the transducer to fit.

  • I originally mounted mine just like you did, but I launch from the beach frequently and had a problem with sand getting jammed up between the transducer and the cover plate. After awhile I noticed the picture was getting degraded. I pulled the cover plate and found shells and sand stuck on the transducer. Solution was to cut out the coverplater in the areas of the transducer so that their was nowhere for the sand to lodge. The remaining coverplate was still used to secure the transducer..a bit more fabricating with stainless steel “L” brackets, but it works, and picture is consistently good all the time now.

  • Great video! I’m looking at a 2015 Pro Angler 14 with the Raymarine Wi-Fish to an iPad for sonar/GPS. It sounds like we’ll have the same electrical set up between the USB charging port and PowerPole Micro Anchor. Could you draw up a simple wiring schematic?