If I had to name one item I couldn’t do without while living in Florida, it would certainly a good pair of polarized sunglasses. It may seem like an afterthought to some, but as a blue eyed mammal, my sensitivity to intense sunlight can be down right painful. If you spend any time on the water, you know that water is an excellent reflector and intensifies those sun rays!

RCI-Mosquito-Lagoon-Review-620x393 Sight Fishing Essentials: RCI Optics Mosquito Lagoon Review Product Reviews

Experiencing the benefits of high end, quality polarized sunglasses doesn’t take long. Spend an summer afternoon out on the water with a $20 pair of gas station lenses and see how bad of a headache you end up with. If you target fish in shallow water, you may be missing a lot more catching opportunities because you literally cannot see the fish right in front of you.

I’ve been waiting to write up this review of RCI Optics Mosquito Lagoon’s until I had a chance to put them through the paces. It’s been over a month of daily wear with a dozen and half days on the water wearing them. The first thing I noticed once I slipped on these frames is the perfect clarity of the HELIUS 2.2 Sunrise Gold Mirror Lenses. They are so clear and crisp, it almost seems like sharper than real life. Of course this is attributed to your eyes having a chance to lay back and relax in the shade of those advanced lenses.

Ding-Darling-Hobie-Redfish-620x465 Sight Fishing Essentials: RCI Optics Mosquito Lagoon Review Product Reviews

One problem I’ve had with other “high end” sunglasses is repeated warping and curling of the frames. This normally occurs near the foot of the frame where pressure is applied above your ears. This area is one of the first places to cause discomfort and headaches from strain. Beyond physical issues, these are the tight connection that keeps your expensive shades attached to your head! During this month of heavy use, I’ve had ZERO movement or warping of the Ballista 2.0 frames.

I also like to support Florida businesses and the guys at RCI are head quartered right here in Florida. It’s a good feeling to know that your dollars are not only purchasing an excellent piece of equipment, but are also support jobs right here in the USA.


Capt. Ross

An Iowa native, Capt. Ross became a snowbird moved to Southwest Florida in 2005 at the age of 19. After getting his first taste of the salt as a teenager out of Venice, LA. He knew life by the sea was his calling. With years of dedication, hard work and fisherman’s luck, Capt Ross. has become a full-time angler, guide, and outdoor content creator.

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  • I have worn Maui. Jims,costs del mar 580 reevo,rayban,Serengeti,Oakley,s and probably a couple of more I,m forgetting I now own 2 pairs of rci mosquito lagoons blue lens and gold lens these are the only shades that I wear anymore period simply put they are perfection n shades easily as clear as any glass lens on the market if not clearer the only way I buy another pair of glasses is if rci cmes out with new lens colors but its not nessasary

  • Can you explain when to wear blue or other color RCI
    I fished skinny water kayak this weekend . I must say that I could not see fish in shallows wearing my $300 sun glasses

    • Ricardo,

      Good question! I recommend using Amber glass for inshore and nearshore fishing. It’s best for eliminating glare in shallow water. The blue lenses are ideal for far offshore, blue/purple water.