Screen-Shot-2014-05-23-at-1.02.38-PM Gear Review: AFTCO Short Pump Long Range Glove For Tarpon Fishing Product Reviews  If you fish a lot, you know that your hands can really take a beating out on the water. If you tarpon fish, you already know gloves necessary to safely handle big fish boat side.

I recently purchased a pair of AFTCO Short Pump Long Range Gloves. I’ve got relatively large hands and went with the Extra Large size. I chose the fingerless option for increased dexterity when unhooking fish and quickly retying a line or leader.

After using these gloves for a week and a half on over a dozen tarpon, I can honestly say these are perfect for big game tarpon fishing. The glove’s thumb and index finger are reinforced with super tough Armortex┬« that prevents braided lines from slicing into your fingers. The gloves feature a mesh construction that dries out quickly and never feels soggy. The large Velcro┬« strap at the wrist is very secure and quick to use.

I’ve also found that the materials used in these gloves doesn’t hold odor and slime. I haven’t washed the gloves yet and there isn’t an offensive odor to them. Other gloves tend to smell pretty bad after only a day or two with out being washed.

At a price around $32, they are obviously a little more than bargain gloves. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Build wise, I don’t see why these gloves won’t last through an entire season. For weekend anglers, they may last several seasons.

Treat your hands right and pickup a pair of them today!Aftco-Barbarian-Tarpon-Lift-Boatside-WM-1024x707 Gear Review: AFTCO Short Pump Long Range Glove For Tarpon Fishing Product Reviews


Capt. Ross

Owner of The Intrepid Angler, Captain Ross hails from the historic waters along the Caloosahatchee River. He has a been a fishing guide and outdoor professional working the waters of Florida and Alaska over his career. He now permanently resides in Cape Coral offering anglers exciting opportunities to target trophy gamefish around Southwest Florida on a custom Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Bay Boat.

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