Drone Video: Fort Myers Beach Surface Feeding Sharks and Bonita

It’s been an unusually warm start to spring this February. With some scattered whispering of tarpon pods showing up (mid-February mind you!) I headed out with Wyler Gins of Florida Fishing Products to do a little scouting along Fort Myers Beach south to Bonita Springs.

With due diligence, we covered depths from 20′ out to nearly 40′. Signs of life were intermittent until we came into an area that featured a freshwater spring. Birds were actively working the surface and we saw some large explosions in the distance. I decided to throw up the drone and get a birds-eye view of what was happening. It turned out to be a pack of 7-8 adult Black Tip sharks mixed with Bonita working over an unlucky school of pilchards.

Watch the video closely and you can see the sharks lunge feed through the pilchard school as it’s pushed up towards the surface by schooling Bonita. What a cool experience to capture on film!

IMG_9203-e1519277699836-768x1024 Drone Video: Fort Myers Beach Surface Feeding Sharks and Bonita 2018 Reports Fishing Reports Tarpon Videos Videos

Capt. Ross

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